Food of God (FOG)

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Food of God (FOG) is a non-denominational outdoor feeding program that advocates for ‘food and hunger justice’ in downtown Oakland, CA.  We are dedicated volunteers from all walks of life working together to end hunger in our city.

Do you want to help provide a fresh, hot, nutritious meal for people in need in Oakland, CA? Join us in the public park on any given Thursday in the park at 21st and San Pablo (MLK) at 1:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Please check out our Facebook page and video!

Our Mission

FOG is a 501c3 outdoor feeding and grocery redistribution nonprofit organization operating in Oakland, CA. Established in 2011, our mission is to offer a free, hot, nutritious, homemade vegan meal to almost 100 people in need every Thursday at 1 p.m. in a public park. In addition, FOG is an active member of the Food Rescue Program (FRP) administered by the Alameda County Community Food Bank. During Covid-19, FOG became a crucial partner in the redistribution of edible food donated by local businesses. Every week FOG collects, sorts, and redistributes hundreds of pounds of food to encampments, shelters, and individuals throughout Oakland.

FOG reaches out to the homeless, impoverished, disabled, elderly, immigrant, and the recently unemployed or long-term unemployed population. Having seen the devastating effects of poor nutrition and healthcare, FOG is strongly committed to social justice issues and advocates for the hungry and vulnerable in our society.

Our goals are to raise public awareness about the effects of hunger and food security, and to create an informed citizenry that will become a positive force for social change concerning food justice and the long-term effects of ‘food’ poverty.  FOG aims to help eradicate hunger in our society. Read More

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Our Vision

Over the last eleven years FOG has seen significant, positive results in its response to fighting hunger. Its ongoing anti-hunger campaign and direct humanitarian support identify this local, consistent demand for food, produce, groceries and clothing. Many of its impoverished guests have survived periods of extreme transition beyond their control.

To date FOG has succeeded in helping all who come to its tables. No one has ever been turned away. Made to feel welcome, needed, and valued, all guests are treated with respect.


Above all, FOG strives to give its guests a sense of human dignity, community, and mutual trust. FOG volunteers share a healthy meal and create community. Volunteers try to learn each individual’s name and something of their backstory. In doing so FOG hopes to improve their quality of life if only for an hour each week.

FOG prides itself on being unique in its approach to feeding and helping the local indigent and needy population. Unlike larger feeding programs that serve a shifting number of folks, FOG aims to garner trust through repetition, ongoing personal contact, and human empathy. Guests are directly addressed and engaged in conversation. By example, FOG encourages them to avoid unhealthy, readily-available fast food. If possible, volunteers offer advice and guidance in helping guests to find additional resources for food, clothing, and temporary housing. About 40% of FOG guests return on a regular basis.

Working for and with the local community

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Some locals return every week to ‘give back.’ They want to express their appreciation in any way they can. They help unload the vehicles, set up the tables, serve, and distribute groceries and produce on a regular basis. Friendships are formed as they become part of our team. Self-esteem is re-established.

FOG is engaged in educating the public about food justice. Accordingly, FOG serves as a model template for other grass-root organizations for potential replication in other hard-hit urban areas across the country.

FOG also has formed a handshake with shelters and organizations dedicated to helping those in need. For example, several years ago FOG took in an intern from Covenant House (Oakland) who learned culinary skills and food preparation techniques to prepare food for large populations. This partnership helped start a pathway to future service work.

Friendship in the park FOG 2018

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