Rev Theresa Freeman on food line Oakland CAThe Food of God 4 The People of God (FOG) was initially established by Rev. Theresa Freeman. She conceived of the idea of a sacred feeding ministry while attending the Pacific School of Religion seminary in Berkeley, CA. For her field study work, she participated as a volunteer for the local Food Not Bombs! feeding program.

FOG grew out of the need to respond to the growing hunger problem in Oakland, CA., and continues to expand to meet that need. As a hungry child herself, Rev. Theresa wanted to tie together her own life experience and her response to hunger. She began her ‘eucharistic’ ministry and spiritual practice of feeding the hungry at First Congregational Community Church in Oakland during Lent 2010. In February she applied for a 501c3 status for her charitable organization.

Seeing the widespread need of nutritious food for the poor, Rev. Theresa began her ministry by gleaning food that would otherwise be wasted, always choosing fresh produce and vegetables. From the beginning, her ministry offered a plate of rice and beans to approximately 50 to 80 people in downtown Oakland, CA. Following the example of Jesus who fed people of the hillsides of Israel and Palestine, Rev. Theresa established her feeding program with dedicated volunteers who brought the ‘church’ out of the building and into the streets. From this simple ministry, today FOG has grown into a powerful food program that advocates for ‘hunger’ justice and social reform.

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