Local Support

Local Support


Food of God is lucky to have many strong community partnerships throughout the Bay Area.

As a member agency of the Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB) FOG receives the bulk of its staples at a discounted price. Every week a FOG volunteer checks our supplies and makes a trip to the food bank. Our dedicated shopper receives fresh produce, bread, and supplies for our weekly meal.

In 2014, to help FOG get started,  Whole Foods Berkeley generously supported FOG by presenting gift cards to use for weekly groceries; grains, oils, fruits and vegetables were purchased. In addition, day old bagels were donated by Beauty’s Bagel Shop.

To help FOG get started, FOG received community support, especially from The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, through donations of books, toys, fabric tote bags, compostable paper goods, plastic utensils and tablecloths.

Today FOG partners with local faith-based organizations and local merchants including Star Grocery, a well-known favorite local food shop on Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, and the Taste of Denmark.   Plymouth Church UCC, Oakland, and Skyline UCC Community Church, Oakland, and Montclair Presbyterian Church have granted us the use of kitchen space as well as providing an enthusiastic and dedicated core groups of volunteers. Plymouth Church holds a winter clothing drive late fall for our guests. Gift bags filled with needed items are distributed during the holiday season.

In December a “sock tree” is put up in the narthex of Plymouth church for congregants and guests to leave warm socks.



Ace Hardware in the Laurel district of Oakland donated much needed chairs and storage shelves.

Helping those with personal hygiene needs, Simply the Basics, a nonprofit in San Francisco, continues to donate individual tote bags filled with all the basics. Realizing the extreme need for these items by its homeless population, FOG reached out to form a partnership with this nonprofit.

FOG thus far has been supported by small gifts from various charitable organizations and individual donors. All FOG’s board members and directors are motivated leaders who are involved in helping to raise financial support for the project. They contribute their time, effort, and money to support FOG’s challenging mission.

In the summer of 2016 FOG began a fundraising campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of CityPaks for the homeless. These bags were distributed during the holiday season to our homeless guests. Made with the highest quality, these backpacks were made especially for the homeless. The attention to detail and care makes these backpacks invaluable to those on the streets.



In the past FOG has participated in fund-raising events which included ‘sock drives’, ‘warm clothing drives’, “Shop For A Cause” [Macy’s annual charity drive}, participation in Lucky’s eScrip card program, and annual “Souper Bowl Sunday (Love Offering)” drives. Souper Bowl Sunday

The United Church of Christ (UCC) helped and continues to support on a national and local level FOG’s feeding program. FOG strives to maintain the progressive core values of changing lives, continuing testament, and extravagant welcome. in 2012 FOG’s founding director, Rev. Theresa Freeman, described FOG’s mission as “an organization that responds to the effects of hunger and the catastrophic effect poverty has created by constant budget cuts and a ‘throw away’ mentality toward human beings in our cities.”

For the last two years, United Lutheran, Oakland has generously presented FOG with much-needed funding. Skyline UCC and Montclair Presbyterian have also donated to our cause. Bank of America has matched their employee donation! Their support has allowed FOG to increase its mission and dedicate its attention to providing healthier meals. Aware of the delicate balance between health and nutrition, FOG has fine-tuned its weekly meal to include protein-rich grains and vegetables. When available, fruit is distributed. Pledging to increase the awareness of eating ‘healthy’, FOG does not serve sweets or sugary drinks.

Current Needs

Each week we serve rice, beans, a salad, fresh vegetables, bread, and rolls to almost 100 people. FOG would appreciate a donation of any of the following items: dried pinto/kidney/black beans, dried long grain brown or white rice, hot sauce, cumin, oregano, red pepper flakes, olive oil, salad dressings, as well as large and small sturdy segmented paper plates, plastic forks, paper cups, and to-go containers. Please contact FOG if you have any of these items available for pick-up.

Since FOG distributes fresh produce and canned/dried food, our guests (almost all of whom are homeless or impoverished) could use sturdy tote bags to carry away these items. Please contact FOG if you have any mid-size to large tote (or duffle) bags available.

Warm Clothing Drive

Every fall FOG collects warm socks, gloves, scarves, and coats from local organizations. Many guests ask for lightweight blankets or sleeping bags. When available, these items are then distributed to our guests. FOG makes a special request to local churches and organizations to contribute towels, warm clothing, and the like to help our guests stay warm during the cold winter season. Warm blankets are especially appreciated. Please contact FOG if you have any of these items available for pick-up.

A Pick-up Truck to help us load and transport

Due to the amount of food FOG transports and serves, the organization is in dire need of a pickup truck to help transport and distribute food from the kitchen to the streets downtown as well as to pick up supplies and produce from the local food bank.  A pickup truck would allow FOG to expand its feeding ministry and reach more locations outside of downtown Oakland. FOG would also be able to distribute warm clothing and blankets to those in need. Today FOG uses private vehicles to run its program as well as to distribute left-over food to local shelters and at-risk seniors in our community.

Thank you for your consideration!


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